Sunday, November 25, 2012

Here Come the Holidays

Ready or not. The holidays are here. Do you want to gain weight, lose weight or maintain?

If you want to gain weight, go for it. Enjoy whatever you want. However.... Most people are watching their weight and prefer not to gain weight. It's too hard to lose!

Go into the holidays with a plan. Eat what you want but watch the portions. Weigh yourself once or twice a week. It's shocking to not pay attention to your weight and then all of a sudden be four or five pounds heavier.

My best tips are to make physical activity a priority, watch the amount of goodies, and focus on fruits and vegetables. Not only will fruits and vegetables fill you up, they are also healthy for you.  If this is your idea of a day's worth of fruits and vegetables, try a little harder.

Check out Day 22 Rethinking Special Occasions from The Food Is My Friend Diet to get you through the holiday season with ease.

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