Sunday, June 29, 2014

Speaking of Dr Oz

Do you believe in miracles? Do you take weight loss supplements to melt away belly fat? Americans love miracles or at least love to spend BILLIONS of dollars every year on weight loss cures.
Do diet supplements work?

Recently, Congress put Dr Oz in the hot seat. It seemed like his show was promoting diet supplements without much scientific proof. It turns out he just tries to motivate people and give them hope. For my clients, if Dr Oz has a supplement on the show, most of them think it works and are willing to spend the money to try it.

How should I say this? Supplement marketing tactics can be misleading. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently compiled a list called “The 7 Gut Check Claims” to help the public weed through weight loss claims. It’s important to remember that diet supplements are not tested for safety by the FDA. They get involved, if adverse effects are reported. Why take a chance at getting liver failure or dying?

Day 12 – Lose 10 Pounds a Day! in The Food Is My Friend Diet talks about Harvey Wiley, MD, who wrote an article in 1914 called “Swindled Getting Slim.” The article exposed misleading and fraudulent diet products. Fast forward 100 years. Americans are still spending money on magic.

Spoiler alert: There aren’t any magic pills or foods to dissolve unwanted muffin tops no matter how much we want to believe in them. Eat healthy. Watch your portions. Go for a walk.

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